About Us

Dave and I are excited to share with everyone Reevuu and the story behind its creation. We are so passionate about Reevuu because of the impact it will have on kids across the country as well as how it can help out coaches and give them a flexible stream of income. Reevuu is a win for everyone involved and we can’t wait for you to give it a try.

A little background... Dave and I both grew up very active in sports; participating in wrestling, baseball, football, track and field and just about every extreme sport out there. Our parents spent an ungodly amount of time driving us to and from practices, games and training. Thanks Mom and Dad! In many ways sports and the lessons they taught us, have shaped Dave and I into who we are.

Dave went on to wrestle Division 1 in college at Rider University and wrestling has been one of the most important aspects of his life. Outside of friends and family, it is what he is most passionate about. His passion for wrestling has only strengthened after graduating and he continues to coach and run a wrestling academy, teaching and training kids to reach their full potential. His dedication to making kids better and the enjoyment he finds working with kids is contagious. It is this passion that spurred the idea for Reevuu. Through Dave’s club, The Wrecking Crew, he has a lot of wrestlers send him videos of matches so he can provide feedback on their performance. Dave came to me and said “Bryan I have all these kids email me their videos, there has to be a better way to do this”. The wheels starting spinning and together we started sketching out what would become Reevuu.

We knew we would need some sort of online video review tool that easily allowed coaches to receive a video from an athlete and mark it up, leaving comments so the athlete knew what to work on. We then thought, how awesome would it be if not only could you get your training done instantly over the internet but you could have one of the best coaches in the country review your video? So instead of just having a tool that coaches could use for their athletes, we thought “what if we created a platform that matched athletes to coaches who best fit their training and improvement needs regardless of where they live”. This is where we really got excited. Offering a service like this would essentially democratize personal training and make one on one coaching more accessible and affordable, ultimately allowing more kids to reach their full potential. It was here that we knew we had to build this. We started off simply emailing random wrestling coaches to get their feedback. The response was 100% positive and we actually found over 200 coaches from cold emails that wanted to be a part of the platform. We then emailed parents and literally 98% of the parents who filled out our survey, said they wanted this platform. With that, we knew we had something and we went out to start building the platform.

So you ask, what does Reevuu actually do and why should I be a part of it:

At its core, Reevuu is an online video review platform that allows an athlete to upload a video of their game, match, practice or training session and we then send that video out to our network of coaches to best match the athlete to a coach. Online the coach will then, review, analyze and provide feedback and training recommendations for the athlete to work on.

Why we love this and coming to work every day motivates us:

  1. Reevuu will make personal training more accessible for more athletes
    1. With Reevuu it is more affordable than ever to have a top tier coach help you improve
    2. It doesn't matter where you live. You can be in Dallas or Alaska and have the same access to the same coaches now!
  2. Reevuu provides coaches the opportunity to make money doing what they love
  3. We honestly believe that sports are a cornerstone of a kids growth and we believe that Reevuu can help make kids stronger
  4. As kids skill levels increase, so does their confidence and we believe Reevuu will help boosts kids confidence as they continually see improvement in the sports they love

We hope you love the platform as much as we do. Please let us know if you have any feedback or if there is anything we can improve on! Thank you for checking us out.